Pégase releases and produces musical works from writer-composer-performers under the Meta Music® record label in order to make the positive effects of this music and its sound vibrations available to the widest possible audience.


Paul Cañadas is naturally drawn towards artists who are, first and foremost, creators, and who are open and receptive to their intuition. The musical creations “Trésors de Ganesha” and “Trésors de Ganesha Révélation” are a perfect illustration of this. Both albums represent the alchemy of eastern and western sounds, introducing the listener to different musical modes and their specific frequencies.

Pégase Production is discovering more and more artists of different nationalities who are all moving towards Meta Music®.

Pégase Production promotes artists from all walks of life, whose music and songs have a vibratory and energy quality in keeping with their talent and their own development, as well as with the force of their convictions. Pégase’s Writer-Performers explore, and allow others to explore, ancient wisdom in their use of sound and voice.

Paul Cañadas’s refined appreciation of sounds and the power they hold can be shared with anyone willing to partake. He has passed on this approach to the artists so they too can make use of these powerful sound vibrations in their own music.

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