Defining Meta is like trying to define Love, the true, the unconditional. Love cannot explain itself, you simply live it.
Meta is the same. One lives it in the moment, as the child plays, learns, rejoices, is moved.
In words, it is elusive and yet it exists, it is stronger than anything, than us, our reasoning, our mind, our ego.
Meta is discovered through testimonies, our sensory and then extra-sensory perceptions.
It is a bridge between the so-called visible and invisible worlds.
Meta brings us together, in this unity that the material world does not know.
The more our state of consciousness evolves, the more we experience Meta in order to share it with those around us.

To live in Metais to live in Peace, in Joy, Harmony, the Freedom of Being Self.

The « little I » forgets itself and gives way to the other, to the one who is, who gives, who shares, who loves.
Meta is neither a method nor a manual, it is the result of an inner work, of this search for emptiness to give the best of oneself.
Opening to Metais being opened to the Giving, the great love that erases borders.
It is Being the channel of the highest vibration when Oneness becomes Eternity.

It is within us, and only within that we can find Peace, Calm, and true Love.

The secret power of sound speaks to the body, to the senses, to the inner being and leads to the discovery of one’s true nature.

From sacred music to vibration consciousness, discover Meta Music®.

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