Pégase offers you various collective meetings and transmits to you the vibration that passes through the speakers while accompanying you from individual consciousness to collective consciousness.

These workshops are always accompanied by Meta Music® and Meta Meditation®, they combine joyfull exercises, individual and collective.

Each workshop is different and you receive what is good and right for you in the present moment.

The weekends or days go smoothly, respecting the rhythm and the sensitivity of the participants.

Workshop "Spirituality in the daily life»
à Thorame Haute (04) ou via l'application Zoom

Samedi 27 & Dimanche 28 Février via l'application Zoom

Samedi 10 & Dimanche 11 Avril via l'application Zoom

Samedi 22 & Dimanche 23 Mai via l'application Zoom

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th of July

Through workshops open to all, the Pégase speakers bring you, through their testimony, a new vision of spirituality in the daily life, of the world in which we live and above all of all these capacities that human beings possess without always knowing it.

Workshop-Teachings in Thorame-Haute

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th of March

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of June

In these workshops reserved for those who follow Meta Teachings®, Paul accompanies all those who engage in this way, in deepening their originality that they provide to the change, within them, and in their environment and even more…

Group Sharings via Skype application

Mondays 8th & 29th of March

Monday 26th of April

Monday 31st of May

Monday 21st of June

Monday 19th of July

Group Sharings, open to all those who follow accompaniments, workshops or lessons. The Pégase speakers offer you these moments of exchange in order to continue this work together, opening the doors to questioning and listening.

These free donationsharing groups take place via the application Skype at 8 p.m., the end time will be determined in the present moment.

These privileged moments are intended for all those who want to discover peace and inner joy, confidence in their perceptions and innovative ideas.