Conferences in Meta


Through these conferences, Paul shares with us through his testimony or those of the Meta Accompanists, his experience of a simple vision of spirituality empty of any artifice.
Each conference is unique because we are unique, and we receive what is right for us in the present moment, both individually and collectively.

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of the Conferences currently presented.

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We are Spiritual Beings who came to live human experiences and not the contrary, and it is here, in this dimension that we learn to live our spirituality in the everyday life.

Paul allows us to contact new dimensions beyond our mind in order to live better this experience in the physical world. He is a link between the so-called 'visible' and 'invisible' worlds.

By discovering and then accepting this multi-dimensionality, Paul leads us towards Unity. Unity is within us and the altered states of consciousness that he allows us to reach during his conferences / workshops are intended to accompany us in this change of vision in order to find balance.

This work that we do together allows us to open our hearts to more Love, Joy and Freedom in the here and now.

"If you want to have a large sail, you must have a large keel!" 

During this conference, Paul and speakers or participants of activities in Meta, will give us through their testimonies and experiences, a simple vision of Spirituality in their daily life. They will share with you their definition of Meta which is an inexhaustible source of Life, Energy and Abundance. In this balance, you finally find the place that is yours in this changing world.

From Unconscious Communication to Conscious Communion

What is Nature? How can we define it? Is it only its minerals, plants and animals? What is this whole which is the environment in which we live, we like to recharge our batteries, to "ventilate" us?

Nature is part of a whole, it is naturally in Unity and knows how to regulate itself. Nature does not need anyone, but we need it since we are an integral part of it. Man uses Nature for his personal needs, he transforms it, modifies it, controls it in order to enrich himself ... while moving away from it.

Beyond the material level, what does it bring us? What are our real interactions with Nature, both in the physical and spiritual world? Are all the Vibrations that emanate from Nature positive?

Paul Cañadas, in a series of lectures and meditations, will accompany us towards the discovery of the elements of Nature and especially these interactions that we can have by being present and aware of our environment.

Through his experiences and knowledge, he will tell us about the richness and harmony that is created between man, minerals, plants, animals, of this often invisible link but very present in each of us.

Paul will make us feel through Vibration, source of his work and originality that Nature speaks to us and needs us, as we need it, and will answer these questions to bring us closer to the goal:

“Live in Harmony in this All, which is only the reflection of who we are:

Spiritual beings who have come to live a human experience.”

Who are we? What should I do here and now? What are our real gifts? How and why to develop them and for what purpose?

Why do gift scare or fascinate us, or even both at the same time?

Can we be sure of doing good by using our gifts indiscriminately?

How can we define the gifts and their uses which depend above all on our state of consciousness and our intention?

Perceptions, messages can come from various sources, how then to know and interpret the source of this information?

Why do you have to exceed your gifts? Can they be a brake or even an obstacle to our spiritual development?

Paul will share with you his vision and experiences relating to gifts, all Gifts, be they physical, mental and especially spiritual.

“We have all buried untapped gifts within us that we are all capable of bringing to light.”

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