Discovery and conscious use of our vibratory potential in our personal and professional lives.

Respect of the Being and the highlighting of one’s deep Originality come before any process. Self-knowledge naturally leads us to find our inspiration, to gain confidence in our potential which is only limited by the mind.
Discovering or deepening your inner wealth means being able to bring out your Creativity and Qualities in order to put them at the service of your business, structure or environment.
Selfmanagement, listening to oneself and to others, constitute the basis of a serene
collective, harmonious and dynamic, in order to create together the Society of tomorrow.

Pégase, through its Meta Entreprise® structure, offers training in the form of Meta accompaniments® adapted to the professional world, associations and communities.
His approach adapts to each environment, each being in questioning, in search of this inner truth and accuracy.

The services are not identical since our requests are all different, the tools are there to support, reveal or strengthen the potential of the actors who choose to go further in their personal and professional career.
Nevertheless, all the trainings have in common a theoretical then practical explanation of the Vibration, by discovering its impact, its role in our daily life and how to live it consciously.

Active and passive listening to Meta Music® with Meta Meditation®are used so that everyone naturally enters their dimension, their feelings, their inner peace.

These Meta accompaniments in the world of work value each one, helping us to gain confidence in our intuitions and perceptions, while exceeding our gifts, and the "theoretical" achievements due to our qualifications and diplomas. Initial or in-depth training complements our knowledge and professional experience, they go above all through self-knowledge in order to reach out to others in order to give them the best.

Meta allows us to enter a spiral of abundance for all, composed and generated by the skills and performance of each.


Meta at the service of the professional

Music & Singing

Artistic domain

Health & Well-Being

Company & Collectivities 

Authors, Composers, Performers ..

Conscious use of the vibration, the musical modes, sound frequencies, vocal techniques, and compositions..

Dancers, Painters, Photographers ...

Conscious use of the Vibration in one’s own originality which leads the artist beyond the mind, towards Inspiration and Creation.

Medical community, Masseurs, Therapists ...

Living consciously the relationship to the Self and to the Others in order to give them the best, beyond belief and reasoning.

Education, Management, Recruitment ...

Knowing how to put oneself at the service of the Being, with respect and listening by offering innovative and effective solutions for all types of structures or organisations.

Activities in Meta, are in the service of the Being, its creativity, working from the individual to the collective.
The actors in Meta, which you can find on the website Librenmeta® are testimonies in the daily experimentation of Vibration and in their commitment to accompany each one to reveal himself in turn.