Ma Mission

Here is a poem written more than 15 years ago by a friend, that describes the Mission of Pégase, through words but above all the Vibration that emerge from it...

Drawing its majestic outline

In the hem diaphragm of a winged wave,

Pégase soars towards Infinity,

Bringing back, in the gold of his hoof,

The primordial Source that will spring up

In the heart of the cosmic hurricane,

Fertilizing souls of good will.

He dances, floating in the ether,

Spreading all his magic

Below the celestial vault,

Stirring up consciousness

In the warm and indolent cradle,

Breaking, with a swift ripple

With his skillfully active wing,

The opaque veil of illusion, 

Dispensing, along a bundle of silver

Harnessed to his heart of light,

The awakening of the creative imagination

Within sleeping memories.

Then, associating with Divine Grace

To revive the Being in its essence,

Tilting his head towards the earth,

In a pure and consenting breath

Blessed with the Gods that we are.

Zohane A