Pégase offers various collective encounters, and accompanies us on the way to Meta.
These times of sharing, listening and transmission allow us, through experience,
to integrate what is good and right in the present moment.

The only goal is to discover oneself, to live the Vibration beyond the mind, by finding Harmony, Peace, Joy and Love within us.
These encounters are unique and are lived through our individual journey.
What we feel or receive will never be the same.

“Don't believe us, live it!”

All these meetings are accompanied by Meta Music®®and Meta Meditation®.
Pégase wishes to be as close as possible to donation, so all our meetings are in free donation.


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Discover the Meta Activités®® such as Massage, Dance, Yoga, Art, Music on Librenmeta®a website dedicated to this collective of men and women who transmit their passion with simplicity, through this Meta dimension.

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