We are all the Sun, it is up to us to shine in order to create the New Humanity.

Pégase®is today a source of Creation that has no limits, each of us has deep within him this potential, this vibration of the Mystical Creator. Its mission is articulated through the transmission of this interior achievement, where each one finds his place in the materialization of a fraternal world based on Unity, Respect, Listening, Love ... where all of us can grow, share, give, create …

Originally, this is the story of a man, Paul Cañadas, autodidact, creator of businesses in the first part of his life, with growing profits and reputation that nothing destined to become "Doctor of the soul”.

Paul naturally turned himself towards music, and his meeting with Roop Verma, Indian sitar player, was a revelation. It is through his music and the sound of his sitar, that Paul feels beyond his mind, the Vibration.

He develops and creates Meta Music®, the alchemy of Oriental and Occidental sounds, the vibration that heals. This music in Meta heals him, but above all, opens the doors to his true Originality.

After doing several NDEs, he understands that his mission is precisely to share this vibration, which is not expressed only through an instrument, but above all through the Human Being. In order to transmit beyond the mind what the divine has placed in him, he brings individuals in search of an answer in the here and now to discover their own Originality and to become Free in this changing world.

 Paul Cañadas

Paul Cañadas

Each individual can perceive this vibration that is beyond thought and opens the possibility to live and share the paradise on earth. This is La Vie en Meta®.